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About This Play/Drill

With 8:32 left in the first half, Kent State ran this BLOB for a quick two against UCLA. The 5 man ended up screening his own man as well as 1's man, and it led to a poor closeout and an eventual putback off a missed pull-up by 1. There are multiple post options as well, with 4 sealing after the initial screen and a postup after the second of the staggered screens from 5.

  • Basketball Play - Kent St. - BLOB 4 Low Stagger Pin

Start with a loop behind back screen for 1 from 4.


5 steps in and screens 1's man and his own.


2 passes in to 1 for a three, pullup, or feed to 5 posting hard.


4 seals inside for an early look before the pass to 1.