Gonzaga - Spain High-Low - FastModel Sports

Published 03/17/2017 by John Leonzo Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Here is a set that Gonzaga ran in their first round game versus South Dakota State in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. A simple set with lots of good opportunities to get the ball into the post. 

  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga - Spain High-Low
  • Basketball Play - Gonzaga - Spain High-Low
  • 4/1 high pick and roll

    As PNR action occurs 2 and 3 spring by one another almost as if to rub screen

    3 screen x4 so 4 can sprint to rim for lob

  • 3 pop to receive pass from 1 if lob is not available

    3 dribble to wing to create post feed angle

    4 duck-in hard

    5 sprint to FT line to play high-low game with 4