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Published 02/15/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Oregon Ducks Isolation Play for EJ Singler

  • Basketball Play - Ducks Iso
  • Basketball Play - Ducks Iso
  • Basketball Play - Ducks Iso
  • Loyd (10) dribble enters to the opposite lane line extended and makes the pass to Dotson (21) raising from the corner to the wing


    Kazemi (14) exchanges with Loyd (10) on the dribble entry

  • As Loyd (10) is making the pass to Dotson (21) on the wing


    Woods (55) steps up to set a back screen for Kazemi (14) who uses the screen and cuts to the ball side block looking for a quick entry pass

  • Woods (55) turns in the lane and sets the screen for Singler (25) who cuts off the screen to the middle of the FT line looking to either catch & shoot or penetrate to the open side