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Published 01/11/2014 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This play run by the Illini in their game against Indiana caught the defense completely off guard as even Dan Dakich from ESPN predicted they should throw the ball inside to Egwu

The Illini use a great ball reversal off a pin down screen to get a solid backscreen set on x3 taking him out of the play as Bertrand cuts to the ring and makes a spectacular reverse dunk on x1 Ferrell who was late in help and caught between his man and the cutting Bertrand

  • Basketball Play - Illini Lob Play
  • Basketball Play - Illini Lob Play
  • 1 (Abrams - 13) brings the ball up the floor and takes the "S" screen from 4 (Ekey - 33) the trailing post right into a DHO with 3 (Bertrand - 2)


    4 (Ekey - 33) sprints into a pin down screen for 2 (Rice - 24) on the weak side


    5 (Egwu - 32) moves across to the opposite block setting up the next action

  • 3 (Bertrand - 2) centers the ball on the dribble and makes the pass to 2 (Rice - 24) coming off the pin down screen


    5 (Egwu - 32) steps up and back screens x3 as 3 (Bertrand - 2) cuts off the screen for the perfectly thrown alley-oop pass at the ring - x1 is late getting over


    *x3 got caught trying to go with the man around the screen and got taken completely taken out of the play - x1 had no chance of stopping the perfectly thrown pass for a spectacular reverse dunk