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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill we use early in practice to help bring up the energy and the communication.

  • Basketball Play - Touch Closeouts
  • Basketball Play - Touch Closeouts
  • Frame 1 - Defensive players line up at blocks and elbows as shown

    When coach yells "touch", they slide in to middle of key to touch hands. They must then sprint to closeout on their offensive player.


    We begin without a ball but you can add a ball and one dribble in either direction to practice guarding the 1st dribble after a closeout

  • Frame 2 - In this variation we have the defense guard the person 1 spot away. X1 closes out on 3, X3 closes out on 4, X4 closes out on 2 and X2 closes out on 1


    We will mix up the rotations so the defense must closeout to different spots on the floor.