Florida Gator Horns Set - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Florida's ability to spread the floor, create misdirections, and read defenses creates scoring opportunities like in this set ran against Marquette in the SEC/Big East Challenge.

  • Basketball Play - Florida Gator Horns Set
  • Basketball Play - Florida Gator Horns Set
  • Boynton passes to Prather posting up hard on the elbow - important of the post man as in this situation to use his body and footwork to get position for the entry pass


    Frazier II & Wilbekin run baseline with Wilbekin stopping in the ball side post


    Boynton passes and clears to the weak side wing

  • Murphy pops out to the top of the three point line for the pass from Prather


    Prather turns and sets an elbow screen for Wilbekin who curls off the screen into the paint


    Prather hesitates and "reads" the defensive help from his man before slipping to the basket for the pass from Wilbekin


    *On this play, Florida was able to get a lay-up from Prather