Villanova M-M Press Break - FastModel Sports

Published 05/02/2016 by Kevin Bruinsma Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Villanova excelled all year long in special situations and this press breaker was no exception.  A very simple action in design that could have been very easily stopped if the back screen was just switched.  In terms of getting the ball in this play will almost always work against a M-M Full Court Defense, be clearing out the front court it’s easy to just enter the ball to the 2 guard.  In this specific case Villanova hits the home run and gets an And 1, however all of the options were open.  The 2 was open, 5 was open coming back to the ball and the 1 would have been open if he continued running forward after setting the screen.

  • Basketball Play - Villanova M-M Press Break