1 on 1 Down Screen Advantage - FastModel Sports

Published 04/28/2016 by John Leonzo Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Here is a drill to use to teach using down screens while responding to a live defender. 

  • Basketball Play - 1 on 1 Down Screen Advantage

Set-up: Place 3 cones in a diagonal line. The shooter will always pass by the middle cone, while the defender has to run around the back cone or in front of the top cone.


Step 1: The offensive player will read the defensive player and cut according to which cone they choose.


Step 2: The coach will pass the ball to 1 and live 1v1 play commences.


Step 3: Play to 10. Points scored with no dribble are worth 2, points scored any other way are worth 1.