Sprint Iso Ball Screen - FastModel Sports

Published 10/23/2012 by Luke Riegel Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

This is a quick and easy set to run, yet it provides several scoring opportunities for the offense. If you have a talented PG that likes to play off ballscreens, this is a great set for him. The flare screen on the weak-side limits the defense's opportunity to help on the ballscreen and spaces the floor offensively.

  • Basketball Play - Sprint Iso Ball Screen
  • Basketball Play - Sprint Iso Ball Screen
  • 1 dribbles out 2

    2 sprints to screen for 5 then replaces back to ball side corner

  • 5 sprints to b/s 1 at the wing and rolls

    4 flare screens for 3 then slips

    1's reads are:

    1. Turn corner and make play in paint for self or 5 rolling

    2. 3 on the flare

    3. 4 slipping to rim

    4. Throw back to 2 and hit 5 in post