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About This Play/Drill

Baseline double needs to hit the shooters defender on the screens. Shooter can choose to curl in instead of straight cut to the corner if they want, read the defender. Having multiple actions in the same play usually ends up in a good shot for your team. By using the ball screen at the top of the key you force the other teams big men to watch the play and be in the help. This allows for the shooter to come off the baseline double for the open shot in the corner. This play is from the 2005-2006 Duke season.

  • Basketball Play - Ball Screen with Baseline Double Screen

1. 1 dribbles off of 3's ball screen to the wing.

2. 2 cut's off of 4 & 5's baseline double screen to the corner.

Option 1 - 1 passes to 2 for a three point shot.